What is the review of Clash of Groups?
  • Awesome game. Nice artwork. Slightly enslaving.

    This game is good because:


    Various types of troops, every type of troop possessing some durability and weak point. Brute pressure isn't enough to acquire the game. You need to use your brain as well.

    Clans are perfect! Join in just about any international group, and you can find out quite a bit concerning the world.

    A great deal of new features as well as updates. The particular December This year update regarding Clash regarding Clans purchased a Christmas-y touch to the game. It can be snowing in the towns and plenty of other improvements. For Halloween party, a new skeletal frame trap had been "released". After numerous user asks for on Google Play, Clash of Clan Builder, Supercell, finally extra a feature to permit us backup the war base to our main base as well as vice versa. Conflict of Clans is awesome because they take feedback, listen to us all, and start new features every single two months.

    The bingo is NOT so competent because:

    A lot of stats. Trophies, experience level, military donated troops received, elixir, gold, dark elixir, troop amounts, stars you obtain on the Goblin Road, attacks earned, defenses earned. TOO MANY Statistics. Your mind begins whirling if you try thinking about all of them. These figures subtly depress you, 'coz anyone seem sooo weak, when compared to a guy which spent a lot of $$$ cheating or perhaps someone who has unlimited free time and also plays a lot. Eventually you find yourself leaving CoC(like I did) or perhaps invest additional time, effort and cash to this tree away for any 10-pixel tower that will kill several equally very small warrior.

    Replication. Train soldiers. Attack. Defene. Prepare more military. Do this over and over and again and again and again......... The only break you have from this routine will be watching other folks do this.

    source for this article needs a good Internet connection. And if you loose that will connection for any second anyone loose no matter what battle you're in the middle of. Inside India, wherever mobile online connectivity is not so excellent, this is a great nuisance. On top of this you should download a 50MB update each and every two months.

    Total, it's preferable to be avoiding this game. Just click these web page Clash Of Magic Apk

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