Active Instagram Followers, how to increase and keep them.
  • Whatever your goals are in getting Instagram Followers we no longer have to look to the Kardashians or to public figures on Instagram. Marketing platforms in social media have helped us find our own voice. More importantly these companies have helped us not only accept the ever-changing landscape of social media but to adapt to it in real time. Not only does marketing for social media evolve, it simply takes a faster pace in the opposite direction in the blink of an eye.

    Over the past couple of years, we've actually, seen marketing-type companies form overnight, offering programs that actually grow your fanbase. My friends told me about this and after getting over my ego I decided to do some research on these companies. There were too many to count, but after much skepticism and thru recommendations of savvier social media
    guru's I came across a company that actually made sense to me. To get the Instagram Followers I desperately needed, their approach was to help me grow my account by building my "Instagram"
    house on the rock, rather than the sand. In a way they showed me to look at myself as corporation before branding.

    Like any business your brand is already defined;

    hopefully. How you put your brand out there is the question and how you keep it relevant is where the company "LikesForge" came into play.

    Like anyone or any business we always ask ourselves what is the return on our investment. They offer several different plans depending on your budget and your goals. I found them affordable and I was willing to take a chance on them; I'm glad I did. In no time I was seeing results, but it wasn't "pay this amount" and magically Instagram Followers appeared.

    In using LikesForge, they helped me identify what my account was projecting. Not only that by showing me this aspect of my account, it helped me identify who my target market really was. By doing this I learned how to craft my content knowing who my followers were.

    My only chief concern in the beginning was having egg accounts or non-active followers. I can say that I was very pleased to see that their network really is 100% when it comes to active followers. Another concern that I had which was easily addressed by the company was "replacement followers" of those who fell off my grid. All in all, what I found great
    about LikesForge was they really do offer 24/7 support. A lot of these companies advertise 24/7 customer service but what you really get is an auto reply email saying someone will get back to you shortly. If by shortly you mean 5 to 6 hours or worse, the following day, I say no thank you.

    One of their taglines on their website is "Improve your Social Reputation". As a business, a corporation, a public image, I've learned that the best way to get and keep Instagram Followers is to actually on a daily basis not only Improve but to constantly promote this reputation you
    have built. LikesForge gave me the boost I needed; my license to drive and I couldn't be happier. The words "too good to be true" are not the case with this company and I highly recommend it. Whatever your goals are, you will reach them with LikesForge.

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