Car Audio System -- Making The Right Choice
  • A DVD player on the board can change your driving experience. Or better yet, you can let someone else drive and you go enjoy videos in the back seats.
    Replace your headrest with one that has an integrated LCD screen, or buy any of the existing models to hold from the ceiling and fold when not in use. Keep in mind that some DVD players will also allow you to connect video games or video cameras through auxiliary inputs.
    What you should never forget
    Most audio equipment for the car offers more than one of these features we have seen, so you do not have to choose just one. That is, you can get devices with an MP3 player per disc, per connector, with USB connectivity, Bluetooth, DVD, GPS , etc.
    The new technologies are endless , and the modern installation options are enough to give you what you want without having to completely disassemble the car or sell it to pay for the sound equipment. And since we talk about music, after following me and reading for more than a year, do you dare to guess what kind of music I like?

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