• One of the Fildena products is the Fildena Super Active 100 mg variant. It contains the same 100 mg active pharmaceutical ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is one of the PDE5-inhibiting drugs effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) in males with the disorder. Although the brand Fildena already has its orthodox hard pill version, Fortune Healthcare, the manufacturing enterprise of the product line, decided to create another 100 mg option for its consumers. erectile dysfunction over the counter contains the potent 100 mg dose of Sildenafil, but the product formulation is in soft gel capsule form for faster release of the active ingredient. Also, the soft gel capsule form of the drug is able to aid patients which have the trouble swallowing the regular hard pill type for Fildena.

    Fildena Super Active Pills
    Fildena Super Active Pills
    The Sildenafil Citrate housed in every Fildena Super Active 100 mg gel capsule is the one accountable for the efficacy of the Fildena drug for erectile dysfunction. The difficulty of achieving and maintaining an erectile response in male patients can be attributed to the faulty hormone/chemical transmitter system in the patients’ bodies (caused by years of chronic drug/alcohol abuse, psychological factors, disease, medication side effects, and other factors) which makes the basic sexual function an impossibility. Fildena manufactured by the ISO certified/WHO-GMP accredited company Fortune Healthcare in India is considered as good as Viagra but is far less costly. The price for the regular hard pills is a little more than a dollar each, while the Super Active variant ranges the same.

    What do I need to know about Fildena Super Active?
    There is really nothing grand about Fildena Super Active when compared with the regular hard pill with the 100 mg active ingredient. The main difference is the product formulation (and the faster absorption) but the potency is rather similar. Patients can enjoy the same efficacy from Fildena Super Active as the regular film-coated tablet types, although Fortune Healthcare’s soft gel capsule formulation for the Super Active Fildena makes it easier to absorb (takes less than an hour) thus leaving the patients happier due to the faster-acting effect of the drug.

    Concerning the intake, Fildena Super Active may be taken 30 minutes to an hour preceding any intercourse activity. Patients may take the drug with profuse amounts of H2O. However tempting it may seem males should not take any Sildenafil medication such as Fildena Super Active with any alcoholic beverage, recreational drugs, or any impotence product is strictly prohibited due to the danger these drugs may induce in the patients.

    How can I get ahold of Fildena Super Active?
    The commonplace for Fildena Super Active’s sale is on the internet, though it is also widely distributed in its manufacturer’s native country. Fildena Super Active is sold in various online drugstores on the web, although buyers have to be picky of the stores they plan to get their stash from. There are some recommendable online drugstores on the web, and we have expounded on a few of them and discussed on their status for Fildena Super Active 100 mg’s availability.

    why not try here .com (
    Stability and good service are the main attributes of this online pharmacy, Generic Doctor. next has been around for 10 years (it was inaugurated in 2007) and although it has altered its domain several times, it is still the same reliable pharmacy buyers go to for their Rx drug supplies. Shipping takes weeks for orders on Generic Doctor, but consumers still find the store worth transacting with due to its reliability and assurance of impeccable product quality.

    Fildena Super Active Pricing
    Fildena Super Active Pricing
    Though the web store has not been able to stock the orthodox tablet forms for Fildena by Fortune Healthcare, the store has the Super Active Fildena kind in stock. The pills expire in 12 months, though, but the prices are reasonable—Generic Doctor asks for $1.35 to $2.00 each (minimum is a meager 10). Shipping is free for ord

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